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Inhouse Brands

PANELZ is Design Studio’s award winning in-house brand offering a wide variety of creative and customized furniture such as doors and door frames, kitchen and vanity cabinets and wardrobe systems to clients across Asia, USA and the Middle-East.

PANELZ established an identity of excellence with innovative products of cutting-edge designs reflective of brilliant style and form. Specially designed and crafted in veneer, paint, acrylic or laminate finishes, PANELZ products are visually arresting creations of fine workmanship. Customizable in a wide spectrum of colours and designs, it offers complete freedom and versatility for full scale development projects from the luxury market to the mass market, bespeaking of quality, value, aesthetics and performance.

Panelz - Doors & Frames

Elegant Stature Inspirational Design Distinctive Touch...

First impressions are lasting impressions. PANELZ doors can express a particular identity instantly with door and door frames of exquisite designs. Rooms can have a whole new outlook with a wide spectrum of colours and designs beautifully articulated in veneer, laminate or melamine to choose from.

Offering a choice of honeycomb or particleboard infill, PANELZ doors are framed with an acoustic rubber seal. When complemented with stylish accessories such as locksets and hinges, it will add a beautiful finishing touch to the doors and its interior, achieving a fine balance between aesthetic and brilliance. Open new possibilities with PANELZ doors.

Panelz - System Kitchens

Refined Taste Ergonomic Form Exquisite Style...

A kitchen is not only a place where meals are prepared, cooked and stored, it also doubles as a conversation showpiece and entertainment zone. PANELZ system kitchen is a league above the rest in efficient space planning, choice materials used and workmanship. With cutting-edge designs incorporating intelligent and thoughtful elements, things can be perfectly organised within its functional space. The kitchen "look" reaches new heights reflecting a contemporary taste and style.

Panelz - System Wardrobes

Creative Appeal Individualistic Flair Modern Sophistication...

Designed to befit lifestyle needs in mind, PANELZ wardrobes are planned with great flexibility suited to different needs. Equipped with spacious interiors and thoughtful features, our wardrobes allow a multitude of different purposes such as compartmentalized drawers or pedestals that can be added on or fitted for more storage purposes. All these are crafted with the aim of enhancing your lifestyle, making it easier, smoother and more fulfilling.